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Dam it! For better or worse, the beaver is back. Isabella Tree visits their Bavarian lair. Intelligent Life Nov/Dec 2015

Can Rewilding Bring Nature Back to Modern Britain? The author is a zealous participant in a growing movement. National Geographic online, July 15, 2015

Rewilding Farm Creates Refuge for England’s Rare Turtledoves. Isabella Tree and Charlie Burrell, owners of Knepp Castle Estate, in Sussex, converted their 3,500 acres from crops to wilderness—and rejoice in the transformation. National Geographic online, April 19, 2015

A Silver Lining to a Scandal. Breeding Exmoor ponies is a joy, but we need to be able to eat them Country Life, 5 Mar 2013


Radical Tantra. Westerners tend to think Tantra is only about sex. Exploring its origins in Kathmandu, Isabella Tree found a philosophy more revolutionary than she had imagined. Intelligent Life Nov/Dec 2015

Earthquakes Send Humans Warning From the Gods. In Nepal the gods speak through disasters, and shaking ground is seen as a wake-up call to humanity. National Geographic online, May 14, 2015

Meet Nepal’s Living Goddesses -in the Kathmandu Valley young Newar girls called kumaris are worshipped as omnipotent deities. National Geographic June 2015

In the Lap of the Gods. The monuments of the Kathmandu Valley, the towering Himalayas, and a million-plus deities – three of them very much alive – have ISABELLA TREE in a trance Conde Nast Traveller Magazine, August 2013



Ukraine, Chernobyl

Where the Wild Things Are. Eagles soar above the reactor’s cooling ponds. Welcome to Chernobyl, Europe’s most surprising nature sanctuary Sunday Times, 13 February 2013

Mexico, Veracruz

The Music of Time. Awash in the sounds and sights of the past, the state and city of Veracruz are refreshingly, movingly Mexican – home to some of the country’s most spectacular (and mysterious) archaeological haunts and most infectious music. Isabella Tree slips on her dancing shoes Conde Nast Traveller Magazine, August 2010



Japan, Kyoto

Birds of Paradise. Fantasy and Finery in the World of the Geisha Sunday Times, 4 Dec 2005